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Millville News

Postal Service Delivery Survey

Some Millville City residents have been working with the US Postal Service exploring the possibilities for mail delivery in Millville. 

Please fill out this brief survey to give your comments and experiences with the Millville Postal Service so that the data can be passed along to the Postal Service and our Congressional Representatives. 

The deadline for submitting completed surveys is March 1, 2024.

Survey Link:

Green Waste Service Discontinued

With the recent change to Waste Management for garbage service, the rate for a home green waste can would be more than double what it was back in 2023. Because of this – as well as some other issues with the green waste service – the Millville City Council has decided that green waste pick-up service will no longer be offered in Millville City. A second black garbage can may be a potential option for those homes that have taken advantage of the green waste service in the past. The cost of a second black can is $8.75 per month, which is less than the green waste cans would have cost per month and the black cans are emptied every week throughout the entire year. 

Everyone with a green waste can needs to return it to Waste Management to avoid the ongoing monthly green waste charge. Waste Management will pick up your can for a fee of $25. If you don’t want to pay the pickup fee, you can take the can back to the Waste Management facility in North Logan free of charge. After returning the can, you should let Treasurer Tara Hobbs know so that you don’t get billed for it anymore. 

If you don’t have any way to return the can yourself, reach out to a City Councilmember or the Mayor and they will do what they can to help you out. 

Waste Management is located at 2385 North 200 West in North Logan. 

Lead Water Service Lines

The top priority of our water system is to deliver safe and clean water to homes and businesses in Millville City. We are currently working on identifying if we have any lead service lines in the older parts of Millville City. We aren’t aware of any, but we could use your help. If you follow THIS LINK, you can see a map of the City. On that map, we have a start on the search for lead service lines. There are still a lot of unknown lines that we are working on. There is a link on that webpage to a brief survey where you can indicate the water service line material for your home. Even if you aren’t sure about the material for your service line, you might know when your home was built. Any information you can provide will be helpful as we work on a complete picture of the water service lines in Millville City.

Cache Valley Healthy Living

The Bear River Health Department has created a Healthy Living webpage with good information on parks, public lands, trails, recreation facilities, local foods and arts and culture in Cache Valley. There is a link to this information on the front page of the Millville City homepage or you can get there by going to > services > community resources > (bottom of the page) community resources directory.