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Business License Renewals:

  • Business Licenses must be renewed each calendar year regardless of when you received your past business license.


New Business Licenses:

  • To apply for a new business license, fill out the following form and send it to the City Recorder.
  • New business license applicants will be invited to address the City Council for review of applications.

New Business License Application Form


Fees and Due Dates:

  • Fees for new or yearly renewed business licenses = $25
  • Some Home-Based Businesses can Qualify for Fee Exemption. See Ordinance 2017-7.
  • License renewals not paid by February 1st shall be subject to a 50% late penalty. License fees paid after February 28th shall be subject to a 100% late penalty. If a license fee is not paid by March 31st, a new application must be filed with the application fee and all late fee penalties.


List of Current Millville Business Licenses 2023

All dogs in Millville must have dog tags. Tags can be picked up at the City Office during office hours.

Dog license fees and rabies verification are due before January 1st of each year. After March 1st, all fees double.

Millville City requires proof of a current rabies vaccination signed by a licensed veterinarian or documentation from certified veterinarian stating that there is a medical reason that prevents the vaccination from being administered.

Annual fees:

  • Spayed or Neutered Dogs – $10.00
  • Unaltered Dogs – $20.00
  • Kennel License – $150.00 (required for 4 or more dogs)

Dog License Application

Resolution 2011-1

Contact the Development Coordinator with any questions.