Millville News

Notice of Public Hearing

The Millville City Council will hold a public hearing on Thursday, July 14, 2022, beginning at 7:15 p.m. at the Millville City Office, 510 East 300 South, Millville, Utah, 84326 to receive public input on a possible Council of Government (COG) application for road projects for FY2023. Interested persons are encouraged to attend and make comment or submit written comment prior to the hearing to


Parking Code Changes

The Millville City Council is looking into making changes to the City Code as it relates to parking in Millville. The purposes for the changes are make the code more clear and address resident concerns both that the code is too restrictive and that the code is too lenient.

If you have input about the code as it relates to parking, please email specific examples of changes you would like made to City Recorder Corey Twedt -

Proposed New Code: 10.08 - Parking


Notice of intent to update the Millville City Impact Fee Facilities Plan

Millville City (the “City”), located in Cache County and serving development within the City’s boundaries, intends to contract to amend the City’s impact fee facilities plan (IFFP) and impact fee analysis (IFA) related to sanitary sewer services. The Service Area for this analysis is the entire municipal boundaries. Notice is hereby given pursuant to the requirements of Utah Code Ann. 11-36a-501 and 503. You are hereby invited to provide information for the City to consider in the process of preparing, adopting, and implementing or amending the referenced documents.


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