Office Specialist Job Opening

Millville City is accepting applications for an Official Specialist to work between 10-30 hours per week. The Office Specialist will help with a range of duties in support of the City Treasurer, Development Coordinator and City Recorder.

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Dates Set for 2020 City Activities

The following dates have been set for City-Sponsored activities for 2020:

  April 11 – City Easter Egg Hunt

  June 20 – City Celebration and Night Out Against Crime

  December 5 – Christmas Celebration


Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) of Cache & Rich Counties connects volunteers 55+ with other aging community members in meaningful ways. Looking to give back? Volunteer with us! Do you know an isolated older adult? Or someone who would benefit from respite care in their home for an older adult with dementia or similar illness? We can help! Call Mindy at (435) 760-4472 or visit us on Facebook ( to get started today!


Notice of Survey Work in Millville

Franson Civil Engineers (FCE), the company hired to do the design of the Sewer System, will be conducting a survey throughout the city over the next several weeks. They will be using GPS equipment to map the culinary system by surveying all valves, fire hydrants, and water meters. They will also be looking for septic cleanouts and tanks around houses to gather data on sewer connection points. Most of the time they will be accompanied by Millville City employees. The engineer will be wearing an orange reflective vest and a Franson Civil baseball cap with the attached Logo. They will be driving around in a white jeep or in a Millville City Vehicle.


Utility Projects Latest Status

This post will be used to post documents and the latest status of what is happening with the waste water and culinary water projects. 

(newest information at the top)

January 2020 Newsletter Message from the Mayor – Status Update

December 2019 Newsletter Message from the Mayor – Status Update

Update from Bear River Health Department Meeting Concerning Septic Tank Permit Moratorium

November 2019 Newsletter Message from the Mayor – Status Update

Letter sent to Bear River Health Department prior to their October review of the Millville septic permit moratorium

October 2019 Newsletter Message from the Mayor – Status Update

Minutes from City Council Public Hearing on September 26, 2019

Notice of Public Hearing for September 26, 2019

August 2019 Newsletter Message from the Mayor – Status Update

July 2019 Newsletter Message from the Mayor – Status update

June 2019 Newsletter Message from the Mayor – Status update

May 23, 2019 Public Hearing Notice – Review Engineering phase of utility projects; Scopes of work included

April 2019 Newsletter Message from the Mayor – Status update

Letter from Mayor Hair regarding results from BRHD meeting and need to move forward with sewer 

Bear River Health Department Notice of Intent to meet to discuss Millville septic tanks


First Responder Volunteers Wanted


Nibley-Millville Emergency Medical Services is currently recruiting new members who would be willing to serve their communities by providing volunteer pre-hospital emergency medical care. Applicants must hold a current Emergency Medical Technician certification through the Utah Bureau of Emergency Medical Services OR be willing to attend and successfully complete an Emergency Medical Technician course. Financial tuition assistance is available. For more information, please contact Chris Searle at


Millville Community Activities Committee

The Millville Community Activities Committee advises and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding an overall plan for encouraging and fostering community interaction among residents. Included int he committee’s scope of work is proposing an annual calendar for community activities, as well as assisting with the planning and implementation of such activities. Interested residents please contact Councilmember Pamela June at (435) 760-8668. Call, get involved, have fun and meet your neighbors.