• Business License

    Business License Renewals:

    • Business Licenses must be renewed each calendar year regardless of when you received your past business license.


    New Business Licenses:

    • To apply for a new business license, fill out the following form and send it to the City Recorder.
    • New business license applicants will be invited to address the City Council for review of applications.

    New Business License Application Form


    Fees and Due Dates:

    • Fees for new or yearly renewed business licenses = $25
    • Some Home-Based Businesses can Qualify for Fee Exemption. See Ordinance 2017-7.
    • License renewals not paid by February 1st shall be subject to a 50% late penalty. License fees paid after February 28th shall be subject to a 100% late penalty. If a license fee is not paid by March 31st, a new application must be filed with the application fee and all late fee penalties.


    List of Current Millville Business Licenses 2022

  • Dog License

    Dog license fees and rabies verification are due before January 1st of each year. After March 1st, all fees double.

    Millville City requires proof of a current rabies vaccination signed by a licensed veterinarian or documentation from certified veterinarian stating that there is a medical reason that prevents the vaccination from being administered.

    Annual fees:

    • Spayed or Neutered Dogs – $10.00
    • Unaltered Dogs – $20.00
    • Kennel License – $150.00 (required for 4 or more dogs)

    Dog License Application

    Resolution 2011-1

    Contact the Development Coordinator with any questions.