The Millville City Planning and Zoning Commission is an appointed board, approved by the City Council. Please contact the P&Z Commission Secretary to schedule agenda items. The Planning and Zoning Commission normally meets on the first and third Thursday of each month at 8 p.m. as needed. Meetings are held at the Millville City Offices, located at 510 East 300 South in Millville. The public is welcome to all of the meetings.

Garrett Greenhalgh

P&Z Chairman

Mail: PO Box 406
Phone: (435) 764-2814

Term Expires: August 2018

Bonnie Farmer

P&Z Commissioner

Mail: PO Box 26
Phone: (435) 753-1593

Term Expires: February 2018

Lynette Dickey

P&Z Commissioner

Mail: PO Box 45
Phone: (435) 753-2325

Term Expires: August 2019

Rachel Thompson

P&Z Commissioner

Mail: PO Box 746
Phone: (435) 232-6856

Term Expires: February 2019

Larry Lewis

P&Z Commissioner

Mail: PO Box 218
Phone: (435) 753-3275

Term Expires: February 2020

Adria Johnson

P&Z Secretary

Mail: PO Box 506
Phone: (435) 213-0787

Natalie Smith

P&Z Commissioner Alternate

Mail: PO Box 201
Phone: (435) 554-8628