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City Council Meeting Cancelled

The Millville City Council Meeting scheduled for July 25, 2019 has been cancelled. The next City Council Meeting will be held on August 8, 2019.


Utility Projects Latest Status

This post will be used to post documents and the latest status of what is happening with the waste water and culinary water projects. 

(newest information at the top)

July 2019 Newsletter Message from the Mayor - Status update

June 2019 Newsletter Message from the Mayor - Status update

May 23, 2019 Public Hearing Notice - Review Engineering phase of utility projects; Scopes of work included

April 2019 Newsletter Message from the Mayor - Status update

Letter from Mayor Hair regarding results from BRHD meeting and need to move forward with sewer 

Bear River Health Department Notice of Intent to meet to discuss Millville septic tanks


Proposed Property Tax Increase

Millville City is proposing to increase its property tax revenue.

- The Millville City tax on a $305,000 residence would increase from $99.98 to $129.84, which is $29.86 per year.

- The Millville City tax on a $305,000 business would increase from $181.78 to $236.07, which is $54.29 per year.

- If the proposed budget is approved, Millville City would increase its property tax budgeted revenue by 29.90% above last year's property tax budgeted revenue excluding eligible new growth.

All concerned citizens are invited to a public hearing on the tax increase.


Date/Time: 8/15/2019 7:30 p.m.

Location: Millville City Office 510 E. 300 S.


To obtain more information regarding the tax increase, citizens may contact Millville City at 435-750-0924.


Firework Restrictions in Millville

Please remember that NO fireworks are allowed east of 500 East. 

With the dry, hot weather and the winds, please be aware of the added fire risk throughout the rest of the City as well. Please be responsible with your fireworks.

Here is a link to the City Fireworks Code: FIREWORKS

We hope you have a great and safe summer!


Flag Football

Nibley City’s Youth Flag Football program is right around the corner! Registration runs July 1st through August 15th at Season begins in September.


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