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Youth Flag Football with Nibley City Recreation

Youth flag football is available to Millville City youth 1st -9th grade through Nibley City Recreation. With the league motto of Play Safe, Play Smart, and Have FUN, parents and players from Millville have really enjoyed this program.  Sign up at starting the middle of June.


Notice of intent to update the Millville City Impact Fee Facilities Plan

Millville City (the “City”), located in Cache County and serving development within the City’s boundaries, intends to contract to amend the City’s impact fee facilities plan (IFFP) and impact fee analysis (IFA) related to sanitary sewer services. The Service Area for this analysis is the entire municipal boundaries. Notice is hereby given pursuant to the requirements of Utah Code Ann. 11-36a-501 and 503. You are hereby invited to provide information for the City to consider in the process of preparing, adopting, and implementing or amending the referenced documents.


Waste Removal Press Release

As has been widely publicized over the past several months, Logan City has announced that as of February 2024, it will be ceasing to provide garbage collection and recycling services for the 71% of Cache County residents living outside of Logan city limits.

While we understand this has caused concern and created many questions in the minds of our residents, we want to assure the public that leaders of all Cache County municipalities affected by Logan City’s decision are working collaboratively to implement both short and long-term solutions to prevent disruptions in garbage services, control costs for our residents, all while enabling each municipality to be self-sufficient over the long-term.

What are your leaders doing to find solutions to this issue? To address our citizens' needs we have formed the following committees. Each of these committees have a very specific responsibility and mandate, the sum of which will navigate us through our short-term needs into our long-term solution.

  1. Executive Committee: immediately following Logan City’s announcement, the respective municipalities and county formed an executive committee that will guide the consortium of leaders in finding the best solution for waste removal services.

  2. Technical Committee: this committee, comprised of city managers and mayors, has been tasked with drafting an RFP (Request for Proposal), which outlines the project, describes it, and solicits bids from qualified contractors to complete it.

  3. Long-term Interlocal Committee: this committee will continue perpetually and will oversee the implementation of long-term solutions to the valley’s garbage collection needs.

As your city and county leaders, we stand united in working toward these solutions. We are excited about the progress we have made thus far. We are also confident that, while change can be difficult, this change is also an opportunity for each Cache County community to gain a level of independence and efficiency.


David Wood, Amalga Mayor

Craig Hidalgo, Clarkston Mayor

Matt Leak, Cornish Mayor

Bryan Cox, Hyde Park Mayor

Stephanie Miller, Hyrum Mayor

Jeff Hall, Lewiston Mayor

Ed Buist, Mendon Mayor

David Hair, Millville Mayor

Mike Benson, Newton

Larry Jacobsen, Nibley Mayor

Lyndsay Peterson, North Logan Mayor

Larry Johnson, Paradise Mayor

Kathleen Alder, Providence Mayor

Paul Ericksen, Richmond Mayor

Jason Thompson, River Heights Mayor

Kris Monson, Smithfield Mayor

Lynn Payne, Trenton Mayor

Thomas Bailey, Wellsville Mayor

David Zook, Cache County Executive


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